Runtime Errors Troubleshooting and Repair  

What is Runtime Error in Windows Vista?

Windows Vista runtime errors

Windows Vista computer users occasionally encounter runtime errors which are errors that occur during a programís runtime. The runtime is the period of time when a program is running. Runtime errors in Vista donít generally cause the application to completely stop (those errors are generally called stop errors) though they do disrupt the programís proper execution. For example, a component of the program may fail if that function requires an external DLL file that no longer exists. A runtime error will appear notifying you of the problem and you may not be able to use that particular function, but in general the entire application wonít crash.

Losing data is a possibility with a Windows Vista Runtime Error

While Vista runtime errors donít generally cause program or system crashes, they can damage the file that youíre working with and you may lose data within the file. When a file is severely damaged due to the interruption, you may not be able to open it in the future.

Program conflicts may cause Runtime Errors in Windows Vista

Vista runtime errors can be caused by memory issues, conflicts between two running programs, programming errors, and malware such as computer viruses and spyware. Troubleshooting runtime errors involves addressing each of these potential root causes.

  • Check to be sure that your computer has sufficient memory and meets at least the minimum requirements for the application generating the runtime error. In addition, consider limiting the number of programs running simultaneously as each program takes a bite out of your supply of RAM.
  • Update the application that is generating the runtime error with the latest updates from the software developer. Runtime errors are often bugs within the software that are eventually discovered and fixed via updates. If the software developer has discovered the bug that causes the runtime error and has fixed it with an update, then updating your software will solve the problem.
  • Update Windows Vista. Just as software developers release updates that fix discovered bugs, so too does Microsoft. Make sure that you have the latest updates not only to take advantage of fixes to runtime errors in Vista but also for security purposes.
  • Invest in a reliable, reputable antivirus, anti-spyware solution and keep it up-to-date with all of the latest protections. Run regular scans to ensure that no malware is lurking on your computer and causing Vista runtime errors.

Windows Vista Runtime Error Built-in troubleshooter

In addition to troubleshooting your runtime errors by taking these steps, consider turning on Vistaís Problem Reports and Solutions feature.

Go to Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Problem Reports and Solutions. Now, click on Change Settings and choose the option labeled ďCheck for solutions automatically.Ē Click OK. The next time your computer encounters a Vista runtime error, Windows will check Microsoftís database to see if a solution to that problem currently exists. If one does, instructions will be provided to you as to how to solve the problem. If the solution involves an update, a link to the update is usually provided.

Send problem report to Microsoft

If no solution currently exists, you may be prompted to send a problem report to Microsoft. There is no danger in doing this. It does not compromise your privacy in any way. Go ahead and send the problem report so that Microsoft can get to work at solving this particular runtime error in Vista.

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