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What is Runtime Error in Java?

Java runtime errors

Runtime errors in general are errors that occur when a program is running. Runtime errors can occur in any executable program including Java applications. Java runtime errors occur when the underlying code encounters an event that it canít handle appropriately. Java runtime errors can also occur if the programmer made a mistake in the code.

Update your Version of Java

One common cause of runtime errors in Java involves the version of Java installed on your computer or the version of Java supported by the applet. For example, if an applet supports an old version of Internet Explorer and you have the latest edition of Internet Explorer on your system, the applet may not run properly and you will see a ďbad major version numberĒ error. This type of Java error works both ways. If you havenít updated your version of Internet Explorer for a few years and you launch a Java applet that was designed using the latest edition of the Java runtime environment, youíll likely see a runtime error.

Stop displaying the java code

Many of the runtime errors in Java that you see will be errors dealing with the code and you wonít be able to do much about them other than tell your computer to stop displaying the debug error screen. After all, you arenít the appletís designer so you canít go in and change the code. To turn off debugging and stop your computer from displaying Java runtime errors, go into Internet Explorer and click on the Tools menu. Click Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Browsing section. Remove the check mark next to the following items:

         Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)

         Disable script debugging (Other)

Next, remove a check mark (if any) by the following item:

Display notification about every script error

The list of possible Java runtime errors you may encounter is vast, especially when you consider all of the potential programming errors. Programming-related runtime errors can be ignored disabling script debugging while errors related to incompatibility between the Java applet and the version of Java you have installed are usually solved by updating your Java to the latest version. Of course, if the applet requires an old version of Java, you may be out of luck unless you are willing to downgrade.

Enable Java

One final note about Java errors, if you know that you have installed Java but the applets do not run, you may need to enable Java. In Internet Explorer 8.0, go to Tools > Sun Java Console. This will put an icon in your System Tray. Right click the Java icon and select Open Control Panel. Now, click the Advanced tab and expand the option labeled Default Java for Browsers. Place a check mark next to your browser.

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