Runtime Errors Troubleshooting and Repair  

What are Runtime Errors?

Anyone who has used a computer might have come across a small pop up message telling them that a runtime error has occurred. This occurrence can be frustrating, but usually has a fix that will solve the problem. Runtime errors are indicators that a problem has occurred on the computer. Runtime is the term used to refer to the initiation or launching of a program through its completion. If you receive a runtime error message, it means that the action that you attempted to perform or the program that you tried to run did not complete its mission.

Runtime Error on Line 14Reasons behind Runtime Errors

Runtime errors can be caused by program crashes, lack of memory, broken script on a web page, adware, spyware, and viruses. It can also be caused by the existence of incompatibility among two or more software programs on the computer. In many cases, the problem behind an error of this type is a simple one that is readily fixed without any permanent damage to the computer.

Runtime errors usually are identified with a code that is stated in numerical form. In some cases, they include a short identifying phrase. However, very little information is generally tendered about the particular reason behind the problem. Since the computer user generally knows that a problem exists since a program fails to run or the computer begins to crash, the notification offered by a runtime error provides very little information. Quite often, it becomes a matter of trial-and-error to solve runtime errors and prevent them from disrupting the performance of the computer.

Dealing with Runtime Errors

When the pop up message first appears, it is best to attempt to close whichever application you have opened and attempted to use immediately prior to receiving the message. If you continue to experience a problem, you may need to reboot the computer.

Common Fixes for Runtime Errors

If the offending reason behind a runtime error is a faulty program, checking the manufacturer’s website for a hot fix or update could lead to a solution for it.

If the runtime error comes with a message that insufficient memory exists, upgrading the computer’s memory by increasing it should alleviate the problem. Deleting unnecessary programs, files, pictures, etc can free up memory on the computer also.

If adware, spyware, viruses, or Trojans are suspected of causing the problem, running a legitimate anti-virus/anti-spyware application is suggested in order to remedy the situation.

If broken web script is suspected as the cause of the error, the following directions can be used to terminate the message from appearing without creating new problems. Since the problem does not exist on the computer, but is the result of a problem with a web page, you can safely ignore this notification.

·       Open up Internet Explorer.

·       Select Tools from the menu that goes across the top of the page.

·       Select Internet Options.

·       Select the Advanced tab.

·       Check off the box for “Disable script debugging.”

·       Uncheck the box for “Display a notification about every script error.”

Select OK.


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